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Below is the program for the conference. Where available, you can hover over the title of the talk to see the abstract. The aim of the conference is to get as many participants as possible to speak but ask them to deliver non-technical, expository talks about a certain area in dynamical systems to other mathematicians.

Building Information:

SAF: Sir Alexander Fleming Building

HUX: Huxley Building

Please see the map in the practical information page for locations.


10.00AM-12.00AM: Random Dynamical Systems (Room Room SAF121)

13.30PM-18.30PM: Random Dynamical Systems and Extra Talks (Rooms HUX144 between 13.30PM-16.00PM and HUX130 between 16.00PM-18.30)


10.00AM-12.20PM: Flows (Room SAF122)

13.50PM-15.55PM: Complex Dynamics (Room SAF122)

15.55PM-18.30PM: Networks (Room SAF122)


10.00AM-12.15PM: Tori in Dynamics (Room HUX340)

14.15PM-18.30PM: Slow-Fast Systems and Extra Talks Room HUX340) .



10.00am-10.30am(SAF121), Bose:
Exact asymptotics and limit theorems for randomized LSV maps

10.35am-11.25am(SAF121), Alves:
Statistical Stability of Dynamical Systems.

11.30-12.00am(SAF121), Ruziboev:
Statistical Stability in Lorenz Flows.

11.50am-1.30pm, Lunch

Dynamical Systems & Stochastic Approximation : Old Results, New Examples.

2.15pm-2.40pm(HUX144), Hartl:
Bifurcations in Stochastic Approximation Dynamics.

2.40pm-3.25pm(HUX144), Homburg:
From random interval diffeomorphisms to partially hyperbolic dynamics

3.25pm-4.00pm: Coffee break

4.00pm-4.25pm(HUX130), Vorkastner:
Noise induced synchronization and Lyapunov exponents

4.25pm-4.50pm(HUX130), Engel:
Bifurcation Analysis of a Stochastically Driven Limit Cycle

4.50pm-5.35pm(HUX130), Eslami:
Coupling for Piecewise Expanding maps.

5.45pm-6.30pm(HUX130), Marmi:
Diophantine conditions and cohomological equations.


10.00am-10.40am(SAF122), Butterley:
Open sets of exponentially mixing Anosov flows

10.50am-11.30am(SAF122), Simonelli:
Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for Parabolic Systems

11.40am-12.20pm(SAF122), Terhesiu:
Mixing for non Markov flows with infinite measure

12.20pm-13.50pm, Lunch

13.50pm-14.15pm(SAF122), Bianchi:
Motions of Julia sets in one and several complex variables.

14.20pm-14.45pm(SAF122), de Zotti:
The ergodic theory of transcendental functions

15.00pm-15.25pm(SAF122), Clark:
Renormalization of smooth maps of the interval.

15.30pm-15.55pm(SAF122), Trejo:
The boundary of chaos

15.55pm-16.30pm(SAF122), Tanzi:
Heterogeneous Coupled Maps: hub dynamics and emergence across connectivity layers. An ergodic theoretic approach.

16.30pm-17.00pm, Coffee Break

17.00pm-17.40pm(SAF122), Field:
Kuramoto networks and chimera states.

17.50pm-18.30pm(SAF122), Balint:
Mean-field coupling of identical expanding circle maps.


10.00am-11.00am(HUX340), Bjerklov:
On some generalizations of skew-shifts on T^2.

11.10am-11.45am(HUX340), Massetti:
On a generalization of Russmann's translated curve theorem.

11.50am-12.25pm(HUX340), Leguil:
Torus homeomorphisms and rotation set theory

12.25pm-14.15pm, Lunch

14.15pm-14.55pm(HUX340), Korepanov:
Non-uniformly hyperbolic fast-slow systems

Time-delayed feedback in the singularly perturbed limit.

15.50pm-16.30pm(HUX340), Turaev:
On averaging in non-ergodic systems.

16.30pm-17.00pm: Break

17.00pm-17.40pm(HUX340), Neishtadt:
Long-term behavior of slow-fast systems with passages through resonances: examples from charged particle dynamics.

17.45-18.30(HUX340), Pollicott:
Rotation numbers for contractive rotations.